Note to friends with no kids:

When you see a pregnant woman and say "OMG! You're HUGE! Are you having twins?"  and she say's "No", and you ask "Are you sure?"  It's a pretty safe bet that you've just insulted her and made her self esteem plummet.  

Stupid Home Depot lady.   
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Cake or death from icons_by_li


So the door to the office opens up at about 10:30am this morning and who walks in? A Jimmy John's delivery guy, that's who.

Giving away samples to local businesses. Gave us the rest of the box. Had about 9 little turkey or ham sammiches in it.

So, support your local Jimmy John's today for they gave free samples to the pregnant lady! WooHoo!

It has begun......

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun.

Sure, they start out as innocent Garden Zombies, but that's what they want you to think.  As soon as popular culture has gotten a hold of these babies, er...zombies,  all the little Celebutards and spoiled fuck trophies are going to be whining for one; a switch if flipped and they come to life and eat your brains.  BRAINS!!!!!


So awesome!

I just read that Tim Burton is remaking Alice in Wonderland. With Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. How perfect is that?! I'm retardedly excited.


This is Rudy. Rudy is a lover. He's so sweet and gentle. But if you try to come in his yard, pool or house, and he doesn't know you.....he will fuck your shit up.

Rudy is the sweet puppy we're taking care of in Oklahoma this week. Him and his sister that I don't have a picture of.
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Ain't that a bitch.

Our office got broken into last night. The only damage done was the door, but most of the boss' equipment was stolen. Laptop, pda, external hard drive, camera, etc....

Apparently a few other businesses in the building were broken into last night too.

I get the feeling building management is NOT going to have a good day.
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Mmm, Brains!

Your result for The Zombie Apocalypse Personality Test...

The Accomplice

84% Aggression and 48% Leadership!

You are the Accomplice. While preferring to let others lead, your aggressive outlook means that any Zombie crossing your path is going to have a very bad day. While people with more passive roles will only have mixed luck looking to you for guidance, you make a perfect complement to Slayers, Assassins, and Strategists.

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